Terms of rental agreement
Villa Jan Thiel has focused on renting / renting out holiday accommodation in the surroundings of Jan Thiel in Curaçao. The rental agreement is with the owner of the offered accommodation. Villa Jan Thiel acts only as a mediator between both parties. The conditions for this rental agreement are as follows:

As soon as the Guest indicates that he / she is interested in renting an accommodation, he / she will receive a quote stating the rental costs and a copy of the rental conditions. If the Homeowner wants to convert the quotation into a booking, the Guest will immediately send his full address, telephone number and date of birth as well as a statement of all fellow Guests with name and date of birth. After this, Villa Jan Thiel will send an invoice in her capacity as Mediator.

  1. When paying the deposit of the invoice, the Guest declares to agree with the Rental Conditions as sent to him and / or which can be found on the website www.villajanthiel.com
  2. Villa Jan Thiel is entitled to refuse a reservation on the grounds of age and / or group composition or to set additional conditions. This on behalf of, and in consultation with, the Homeowner.

As soon as the invoice has been received by the Guest, a deposit of 25% of the total invoice price is required from him / her.
This must be received by Villa Jan Thiel within 7 days after which Villa Jan Thiel will immediately send a confirmation of receipt to the Guest by e-mail.
The remainder of the invoice (75% of the total price) must be paid no later than 8 weeks before arrival. The final payment date is stated on the invoice.

  1. If a booking is made with arrival within 8 weeks, the Guest is obliged to pay the entire invoice amount immediately.
  2. A deposit is included on the invoice. The amount of this varies per accommodation. Within 14 days after the rental period, this deposit will be refunded to the bank account of the last payment made by the Renter to Villa Jan Thiel after deduction of costs as stated in the Agreement and any damage caused by Renter or co-travelers.
  3. If the down payment is not paid within the set period, the Guest is in default and the Agreement is cancelled unless written permission has been given by Villa Jan Thiel to make payment at another time.
  4. Access can only be granted to the accommodation once the entire rental sum has been received by Villa Jan Thiel.
  5. Until the moment the entire rent is paid, the Guest is liable for payment of the entire invoice amount.
  6. The Rental Agreement is concluded between Guest and Homeowner. Villa Jan Thiel is only a mediator and is not a party to the agreement.


  1. We strongly advise you to take out travel and cancellation insurance in case you are unable to get to your holiday destination.
  2. The Homeowner has insured his accommodation and contents but your property is not insured. Therefore, we woul recommend to take out a proper liability insurance.

After the Agreement has been concluded, the Guest may request changes.

  1. Requests for changes to the Agreement must always be made in writing by e-mail.
  2. Requests for a change that are not made during office hours or during Sundays or public holidays will only be processed on the next working day after the request has been made.
  3. If necessary, the Landlord must give permission for a change.
  4. Submitted changes to the Agreement apply to all Guest.
  5. Changes are only definitive if they have been confirmed in writing by Villa Jan Thiel.
  6. Changes never result in a refund of amounts already paid or of a reduction of the original invoice amount.
  7. The Guest is not permitted to sublet the accommodation or otherwise give it to third parties.
  8. It is not permitted to enter the villa with additional Guests without the written permission of Villa Jan Thiel.

If no later than 8 weeks before arrival the entire amount payable is received by Villa Jan Thiel, the booking will be processed further.

  1. Villa Jan Thiel will send more information about the accommodation by mail. This contains a description of the accommodation, more information about the area, the details of the managers of the accommodation and the procedure for key collection.
  2. We will ask the Guest to send us the flight details such as flight number and expected arrival time so that we can inform the property managers of the time at which they can expect the guests.
  3. Guests are responsible for the correct travel documents. If the Guest or his fellow travellers cannot make the trip or not entirely because the documents are not correct or incomplete, no (partial) refund of the rent will take place.
  4. A child-bed or high-chair is often available upon request. If the accommodation does not have one available, a small fee will be requested.
  5. If the Guest wants an airport transfer from Hato Airport to the accommodation, the Guest should request this 1 week before arrival. Ask one of our employees for the exact costs.
  6. Villa Jan Thiel is happy to advise you about rental cars if preferred.

If an Agreement is canceled, the Guest will be charged the following cancellation fee's:

  1. If canceled up to the 56th day before the day of arrival: the deposit of 25%
  2. In case of cancellation from the 56th day to the 28th day before the day of arrival: 60% of the rent.
  3. In case of cancellation of the 28th day up to the 7th day before the day of arrival: 90% of the rent.
  4. In case of cancellation from the 7th day to the day of arrival or after: 100% of the rent.

Villa Jan Thiel has the right to terminate the Rental Agreement due to unforeseen circumstances. Unforeseen circumstances are such that Villa Jan Thiel can not reasonably be bound by the Agreement. This includes: Fire, natural disasters, sale of the house and so on. In this case Villa Jan Thiel will do everything to find alternate accommodation that is at least as good as the original accommodation. If the cause of these circumstances can be attributed to the Guest or his fellow travellers, the resulting damage will be charged to the Guest.

8. PETS:
Pets are NOT allowed in the accommodation unless written permission has been given by Villa Jan Thiel.

It is absolutely forbidden to smoke indoors in any and all circumstances. We request the Guest to respect this rule of life. Of course smoking outside is no problem at all.

At most accommodations the use of a swimming pool is offered, whether or not on site. It can happen that due to a technical problem (temporarily) no use can be made of the swimming pool. Of course everything will be done to solve the problem. However, the Homeowner accepts no liability for not being able to use the swimming pool and / or damage suffered as a result.

  1. It is not allowed to stay at the pool with glassware.
  2. Children may only use the pool under the supervision of at least 1 adult
  3. We strongly recommend that children wear a life vest in the vicinity of the swimming pool
  4. If an accommodation offers a net or otherwise security at the pool, this should never be seen as a substitute for supervision of the adults for the children
  5. It is not allowed to operate the technical installation of the swimming pool. The Guest is requested to report any issues directly to the manager
  6. It is not allowed to sunbathe naked in the outdoor area of ??the property
  7. the Homeowner can never be held liable for damage suffered in the event of accidents in and around the swimming pool offered at the property.

Most accommodations are equipped with an alarm system. It is mandatory to put these into operation as soon as the house is vacated. If the alarm was not activated at the time of a break-in, the Guest is liable for the damage suffered.

Verhuurder is niet aansprakelijk voor:

  • theft
  • damage and / or loss during the rental period of the accommodation
  • accidents in and around the accommodation
  • temporary breakdowns of equipment in and around the accommodation
  • accidents in and around the property's swimming pool
  • faults of water and / or power supplies
  • nuisance of activities from outside the rented parcel, including construction activities in the vicinity of the accommodation or force majeure of any kind.

ll accommodations are inspected by Villa Jan Thiel before being made available for offer. However, Villa Jan Thiel acts exclusively as a Mediator between the Guest and the Homeowner and does not accept any liability with regard to the booking and the state of the accommodation. Of course, Villa Jan Thiel will ensure that the services offered by her are meticulously executed.

Guests and fellow travelers will behave as befits a good tenant.

  • Caused damage will be reported directly to the manager.
  • Any technical problems will be reported directly to the manager.
  • Upon departure from the house all thrash will be removed and the accommodation will be delivered broom clean.
  • The Guest is responsible for the actions of his fellow travelers.

    A natural person who orders Villa Jan Thiel to mediate in the conclusion of an Agreement to rent a holiday accommodation between Tenant and Landlord.

    The Landlord is the natural or legal person who owns the holiday accommodation.

    Villa Jan Thiel has the role of Mediator in the realization of a Rental Agreement between Lessee and Landlord. Villa Jan Thiel himself is not a party to the Agreement.

    Villa Jan Thiel is a member of the Dutch SGR (Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden).
    All bookings that come about with Villa Jan Thiel as a mediator falls under these guarantees.

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